What is Holistic Health Counseling?

A Holistic Health Analysis is a useful tool for both the average person and the unwell.

Holistic Health Counseling is a natural approach to health and well being. It addresses you as a whole person and integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optimal health. Better health is dependent upon several factors. If one area is lacking, you suffer as a whole. Proper balance is fundamental in building a healthier body and strengthening the immune system. There are no gimmicks.  I teach you how to balance your body and change bad habits in your current routine.

My own personal health challenge is what prompted me to pursue my education in natural health, and to become certified through a college of natural medicine. I have experienced first hand, what healthier habits can do to improve a situation. Better choices lead to feeling better. Let me guide you to a more natural and drug free way.  The focus is on prevention.  You don’t want to mask issues with pills if you can do it naturally.

Long before a disease presents itself, there may be subtle signs of distress which indicate that the body is suffering (out of balance).  Holistic health counseling works to address these issues.  The goal of counseling is prevention, improvement, and greater feelings of wellness.

Your body is a wondrous machine. It can take a certain amount of daily abuse. But one day, because of your bad choices and habits, it can reach the point of saying “enough.”   That is when all of the health issues, weakness, and physical unbalance sets in.

But you can do something about this in a natural way.  I can help.   Let me evaluate your current situation, and make the appropriate suggestions to get you on the path to greater balance, vitality, and wellness. My instruction has given me the tools and knowledge to help someone very important. That someone is YOU.

Do you need a “tune-up?”

I can help you learn:

  • How to support YOUR body’s unique needs with a better eating and living plan.
  • What is currently in distress in your body. (Take a Health/Wellness questionnaire. Helps determine which organs/systems and nutrients are in distress and out of balance.)
  • How to shop healthfully (Learn how and where to shop to promote better health.)
  • How to cook healthier with my guidelines and recipe suggestions.
  • Prepare healthier meals. (A printed cookbook with my favorite recipes is in the works.)
  • How to dine out well. (Learn where to dine and how to navigate through menus for healthier options).
  • How to use other natural Holistic modalities to your benefit (referrals available).
  • And most importantly, how to strengthen, support, and unleash your own personal healing power within.

The body is always striving for balance and wellness. How does a cut heal? The natural healing wisdom inside each of us does its work. If you are not functioning at full capacity, you should try this easy, natural, alternative approach.  Remember, your health is your wealth and should be your number one priority.

So, are you in proper balance? Do you feel alive and full of energy to greet each new day? Are your daily habits hurting or helping you?  Let’s find out together.

The choices you make today will greatly influence your health and vitality years from now.  It’s true.   You are building your “health” foundation.

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Teresa DeMarco |

Holistic Health Consultant- Nutritional Consultant Certified


Do you need to be “Gluten Free?”

I am gluten free.  I can help you learn more and discover places to shop and where to dine.


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